Brinda Cockburn: User Experience

10+ Yrs Agency + Client-side UX

UX Designer/Visual Storyteller

Crafting successful digital experiences through observation, design and collaboration.
From engaging in meaningful conversations with actual users to continuous exploration in a test and learn manner, I strive for seamless and natural user experiences. Currently, together with the Hubzu.com team, we are empowering U.S. Home buyers and sellers to make informed decisions and transact online. Previously,  I worked with the Mobient's UX team to differentiate the Bloomberg Professional App which won the Grand Prize at the 2012 UXA Awards in NYC. Besides big agency experience at Razorfish in Atlanta, I've volunteered with UXTestKitchen, a NYC-based non-profit interactive group providing free services to non-profits. My current side project is a comic art narrative of my expat experiences travelling and working in Luxembourg.

Featured Work