Cardless ATM  


Product Overview

Provide a secure and convenient ATM cash withdrawal experience for NCR's credit union client end-users using mobile, ATM (Paydient systems) and QR code technology. User scenarios included setting up withdrawal on the phone or at the ATM.



There were limited requirements from the ATM and mobile business/technology teams. Early prototype solutions were a collaboration with product teams on both platforms which promoted discussion and consensus. Another challenge were testing in the ATM lab setting to probe the context switching between the mobile device and the ATM usage tasks on a limited prototype.


Partnered from the discovery phase with the researcher to uncover potential needs, and concerns during the several possible scenarios for cahs withdrawal. Produced early user concept flows and wireframes based on field and competitor research which drove discussions within the greater team on user flow and project scope. Usability testing uncovered overlooked user needs and concerns on both mobile and ATM. Product enhancements include providing a clear pathway to Cardless ATM in the app, ensuring clear instructions on phone vs. ATM tasks, restriction on external bank ATMs, beacon for user to automatically locate nearest ATMs, quick withdrawal inputs, ensuring user doesnt have to register their debit card to faster flow and content to guide users between phone and app usage.

Project Details

Client: NCR Financial Institution Clients



Process:  Field and competitor research, concept sketches, low-fi interactive prototype, content strategy, customer journey map, iterative design refinement and on site - usability testing .
ROLE    Shaped the flow, and created wires together with team of product manager, developers, user researcher and a visual designer.

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