Changing how people buy real estate

Product Overview

The primary goal is to offer a secure, and transparent home browsing and buying experience for home buyers, investors and real professionals. Other considerations are to provide a more customized search while reducing checkout friction. Secondly to build trust in the brand, as users find and secure their desired property in the heavily compliance-ridden world of home buying. The business model


Site was built on ancient platform, and there was ongoing scope creep in a heavy waterfall process. UX/Product/Dev remote teams scattered across three continents. Senior management did not fully understand role of resarch and UX best practices and wanted the site to "Look pretty" with hope that it pull drive greater users and engagement.

Solutions & Results

Process: Partnered with a UX researcher to uncover poor attraction, engagement and retention causes. Revealed the whys and hows of user confusion about site offerings, lack of neighborhood stats, and ambigiuty with online / offline home purchase processes. Worked closely with Analytic reports which exposed high fallout rates during checkout and decling points of engagement. Introduced a leaner and more User-Centered Design approach that involved the entire team earlier in the process. Evangelized and educated greater team and highers ups on value and ROI of UX as company evolved into a more agile environment which drastically time to market updates. Developed A/B testing strategies together with Content and Analytics teams. Design: Overall improved the experience, content strategy, interaction design and transactional which among other things, for example allowed bidding earlier on a property to streamline the browse/ buy flow. Improved guidance with a more contextual "concierge-type" Help strategy. Introduced location-aware features such as ability to route directions from a property. Removed logal content speedbumps.

Project Details

Client: Internal Stakeholders

Launched April 2015

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IMPACTS: Bids increased 84% with a 100% increase on mobile and 56% on tablet. Conversion increased 6% on desktop 9% on mobile and 4% on tablets with the first 2 months of launch.
ROLE: UX Manager of 6-person UX/Research/Designteam working in collaboration Reseach, Product, Content Strategy, Marketing, Technology.

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