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Painting + Sketching

 I rework the traditional craft of textile and indigo dyeing to depict U.S. southern landscapes and cultural life. Some of my work has been exhibited in local galleries and outdoor art fairs.
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Graphic Novel: Atlanta Gentrification

Beginning in 2014, there were sweeping changes to the physical and demographic makeup in the formerly marginalized in-town Atlanta neighborhoods accelerated by the Beltline development connecting impacted neighborhoods. The kudzu-ridden train tracks I'd wander was now flanked by shiny granite counter-top apartments, Atlanta United flags, soccer moms and patio restaurants

Graphic Novel: Process

I was curious about the stories by recent, current and former inhabitants about the rapid transformation as well as my own observations and experiences. Using the medium of graphic novel, I am crafting the multi-POV narratives, the event and places that have been created both planned and organically, as well as my own observations and experiences.        

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