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The Bloomberg Terminal in the Mobile Context


The redesign brings the breadth and depth of the desktop terminal service to Bloomberg subscribers on the go. The objective was to create an "app of apps" that scales to support the ever-increasing coverage on the mobile platform and growing expectations of our professional mobile audience.


The business team wanted a solution that would scale to support new features as well as multiple platforms while reducing time to market. Business was often tempted to replicate the desktop/ terminal design metaphors on a mobile device.


The UX team consistently challenged these assumptions and "Bloombergisms" to create an efficient experience targeted for the small screen and mobile context. A primary example of this is the reliance on "mnemonic" key commands on the desktop terminal service that do not translate efficiently to a touch-screen and mobile context. We did away with the concept of a 'command line' and used natural language to aid discoveribility.

Project Details

Client: Bloomberg, LP

Launched 2013

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IMPACTS: Helped Bloomberg maintain #1 position against it competitors.
ROLE: UX Lead | Mobients Strategy/Wires/Flows for the News, Monitors, Markets, Quote Index

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