Inland Revenue (UK)

Online Small Business Tax Filing


The tax filing application shown here allows companies and agents to submit a single Corporation Tax Return or amendment to Inland Revenue in the United Kingdoe via the Internet without a software download.


Showcase the value of value of filing online for starting with complex paper-based forms, while building trust in the online government brand.


Facilitates ease of completion and submission with contextual help and simplifies the online version for users to complete forms in the order they wish.

Project Details

Client: HM Revenue & Customs

Date 2004

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IMPACTS: Exceeded expectations for new online U.K. tax filing system that resulted in over one million successful online filing transactions in first year
ROLE: Sr.Information Architect | EzGov- Choicepoint On-site stakeholder Interviews, Information Architecture, Content Strategy, Interaction Flows, Usability Testing.

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